Really not trying to sound like an A+ dick but if you want sources please understand that I don’t freely go up and save pictures and then post them here, everything is submitted by other people fanfics alike and thus if they have a source from their picture it will be there, but most of my submissions do not have sources and I do try ‘saucenao’ or google search but it’s very rare that I find a match at all and I can’t find enough time as a university student to GO THRU ALL SUBMISSIONS and do intensive source finding. I know there’s a lot of controversy with using unsourced art and I understand really but, IT’S REALLY UP TO YOU GUYS because I??? can’t source what you’ve submitted to me for you I run on YOUR submissions so please don’t berate me for something that is out of my hands. 

- Admin 


oh Arthur

carry me away ~

England + Canada = pretty attractive

England + Canada = pretty attractive

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Awww man I love you guys all so much! Please never change and always keep support UKCan.